Perfect Timing Boxes

Queen Box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $20.00 Monthly

Queen: Get the royal treatment in this subscription we recommend. To make room for variances in the length of individual cycles and your own preferences, you may pick any two items: 1x packet of pads and 1x packet of tampons; 2x packets of pads; or 2x packets of tampons with all the usual varia...

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Princess Box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $15.00 Monthly

Princess: It's a charmed life as you choose from Regular or Super Tampons or Applicators depending on your flow. Find a carefully selected range of items like infused chamomile tea, with its anti-inflammatory properties to help ease muscles spasms, or flavoured green tea packed with antioxidant...

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Duchess Box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $15.00 Monthly

Duchess: Pamper thy self. Select from our extensive range of pads in various flow options and choice of winged or not. Indulge in our selection of herbal teas to help you with common menstrual woes, a hand-poured candle to fill any room with a calming or focus-based blend,  and various bea...

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  • I’ve always felt awkward buying tampons; I’d often run out and buy new ones only after my period came because I was always putting it off. A friend of mine showed me when she got her first box and I just couldn’t believe there was a simple and beautiful way to avoid those awkward little moments.

  • I’m so disorganized; I always forget to buy tampons and always had to embarrassingly get someone to go and buy some for me when my period came. So Mum got me a subscription as part of my birthday present!!!

  • I’m particular about the brands I use and couldn’t find a company that offered one I like, when I heard Perfect Timing used Libra I knew I could trust what I was getting, it was so elegantly designed and there is so much value in each box, plus I totally love that I get little surprises each month.

How It Works

Step 1

Select the product you want & need from the leading period care and lifestyle brand names you already know and love

Step 2

Choose a delivery date at least 7 days before the expected start date of your next period

Step 3

Sit back and relax. We've got you covered!

It's about time!

The Perfect Timing Box is a women’s wellness subscription package transforming THAT time of the month into THE time of the month. You can choose from 3 different boxes – Duchess, Princess, & Queen – so there is a customised parcel to get you through and make your life a little bit easier. These packages change each month, but as a sneak peak here are some of the exciting gifts you can expect to find!

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