Tips to help you eat clean today

Optimum wellness comes out of cleaning up your diet and making the big decision today to lose the excess weight and boost your overall health. Clean eating is focused on consuming whole foods that are minimally processed, refined, or handled, staying as close to their natural form as possible. Here are quick tips to start eating clean today.

Consume unprocessed and minimally processed foods

Feast on unprocessed foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, dried legumes, and farm-fresh eggs. Incorporate minimally processed foods such as unrefined grains, frozen fruits and veggies, unprocessed meat, hormone-free dairy, and oils.

Watch out for added sugar and sodium

Sugar has been linked to a wide range of health issues, from obesity to heart disease. When transitioning to a clean diet, you should automatically avoid foods and beverages with added sugar. You may opt for healthy substitutes, such as Greek yogurt topped with blackberries and cinnamon. At the same time, keep an eye on sodium, capping it at 2,300 milligrams daily (or around 1 teaspoon of salt). Be on the lookout for what you crave during the time of the month – make sure it’s the good stuff!

Buy and support local

Clean eating revolves around an intimate knowledge of where your food is produced. It’s best to form a relationship with local farmers growing or raising your food. Buy directly from small farmers in your area for fresh quality and to support the community.

Be wary of processed and ‘diet’ foods

Watch out for food items that have been processed beyond recognition, may it be neon-colored chips or blue morning cereals. Keep an eye out for sugary treats filled with refined grains, as well as ultra-long ingredient lists with names you can’t pronounce. Ideally, you should be crafting your own salad dressing, pasta sauces, soups, and broths at home. At the same time, shun “diet” foods like diet soda and meal replacement bars, as they’re chock-full of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and added sugar.

Think of the environment

Eating clean can also involve going heavy on greens and light on the meat, as it takes a lot of resources on the planet to produce food on our table. If possible, go for organic or grass-fed meats and purchase sustainably caught fish and seafood. This provides the double benefit of eating healthy and cutting down on your carbon footprint.

What are your own strategies for eating healthy? Tell us about your thoughts!

Sara Bishop grew up in Queensland and lives on the Gold Coast with her husband Luke and their three children. She started working at age 14 and has performed administration, research, and advisory roles throughout her career. She has helped lead multiple companies, including a construction firm and a sales and marketing agency. She loves snowboarding, spending time at the beach, and hanging out with friends. She is the force behind Perfect Timing, a women’s wellness service that delivers customised parcels filled with feminine products to transform THAT time of the month into THE time of the month. Learn more on this page.

Posted November 9th at 4:27am