What is Perfect Timing?

Perfect Timing is a monthly subscription box that allows you to get all the things you need for your next period right at your doorstep without the hassle of having to go to the store.

Am I locked into a contract?

With Perfect Timing there is no contract. It’s just a simple subscription that you are able to cancel at any time.

Can I switch package plans?

Of course! You are able to switch your package plan at any point up to 7 days before your next subscription, just so there is enough time for your package to be prepared for your delivery!

Do you ship overseas?

Not at the moment but we are not going to limit your options, so if you are abroad and need your subscription delivered overseas get in touch with us so we can work something out!

Is postage included?

To keep our prices low and maintain transparency, postage is not included and is customised based on where you are located.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

How much is the subscription?

It depends on the subscription you have chosen as the best option for you. The lowest package we offer starts at $15. This package is for 1 product (of your choice*) plus our monthly gifts and little luxuries you will love.

What will my delivery look like?   

Although we are trying to break the stigma of periods not being spoken about, we also understand the want to be inconspicuous. This is why our packages are both beautiful and modest.

What if I don’t know when my next period is?

That’s okay, that is half of the reason we have made this service! You are able to know when you should be expecting:

1. Your period

2. Your order

The website is used to determine a few different points. However, the main goal is for you to receive your order at least 1 week before your expected period will start. Meaning if there are any variances in your start date, or you are unsure of the length of your cycle, we make sure you have the resources to get through and manage.

What kind of gifts are in each package?

Each month you’ll get different gifts that vary from organic skin care to cosmetics to over-the-counter medical supplies. However, we don’t include perishables like chocolate in the order. This is so your order can be left when you are not home and not spoil in the unique Australian weather.

What happens if I am not home when the package is delivered?

That is okay! We have taken into account how busy life is. We don’t include perishables, so with your consent your order can be left at the door for your arrival home. 

Is there a way to track my Perfect Timing package?

Yes, absolutely. After your order is placed or scheduled for delivery through subscription, you will receive an email with a tracking number and the courier service used. We always aim to have your package delivered at least 6 days prior to your period commencing.

What happens to my subscription if I am pregnant?

One of the many benefits of Perfect Timing is that there is no contract. Just let us know!

Features and benefits of subscription:

 - To your door service
 - Monthly gifts included.
 - Fully customisable delivery.
 - Advice and helpful tips.
 - All in one delivery.
 - Contribution of products to communities in need.
 - Pretty AF box.
 - Major brands.
 - Referral discount.

Benefits to the community:

- Charitable contributions to women in need, particularly in South Sudan, Africa.
- Educating young women about women’s health, wellness and self care.
- Celebrating and encouraging positive conversations.
- Empowering women.
- Helping women & girls more openly discuss so called 'taboo' subjects.